What services does The Framemaker provide and to whom is it available?

The Framemaker specialises in picture framing, fine art and photographic printing, and stocking original and limited edition art prints.

Our list of services includes:
- Custom Picture Framing, including Jersey and 3D Object Framing.
- Readymade Picture Frames
- Wholesale and Corporate Picture Frame Supplier
- Canvas Stretching
- Canvas and Photographic Printing
- Fine Art Giclée Printing
- Fine Art Image Capture and Editing
- Art showroom stocking original art and art prints

We provide these services to a range of customer types, including private individuals, artists, photographers, designers, businesses, and many others. We would be happy to hear from you regarding your requirements in relation to any of these services.

Where is The Framemaker located?
What services are available at each showroom?
What are your opening times?
How can I contact The Framemaker?
Are gift vouchers available?
Where is The Framemaker located?
What services do you provide in each of your stores?
What are your opening times?
How can I contact your stores?
Is there parking available at your stores?
Can I host an exhibition in one of your showrooms?
What can I frame?
How do I get my items framed?
What sizes can I get framed?
How long does my framing take?
How do I collect my framing once it is ready?
Do you have ready-made frames available?
What materials does The Framemaker use in its framing?
I’m not sure what framing style or look I want. Can you help me choose the design for my item?
I have a large framing project in mind. Can you help?
What kinds of printing does The Framemaker do?
Who can avail of The Framemaker’s printing services?
How do I avail of The Framemaker’s printing services?
What kinds of files do you accept?
How long does your printing typically take?
What kinds of materials do you use in your printing?
I am an artist or photographer that is interested in producing a limited edition run of prints. Can you do this?
How do you photograph my art for reproduction?
What does Digigraphie by Epson mean?
I have a damaged photograph that needs to be restored. Can you help?
I have a photograph that I would like enlarged. Can you do this?